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Ask me: Printscreen your ….?

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Funniest game character

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The actually Invisible Stalker, done by me!

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Some auction stuff!

Oona -

the swords are some of my favorite cards, especially feast and famine. definitely a game winner. fucked control up too, part of the reason i love it

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I’ve realised I’ve not posted any of my alters up on tumblr for a while, so I’m doing some catching up. Here’s a Swamp I did that I’m pretty pleased with!

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Please someone skype magic with me~!

I just started playing again and want to play so bad!

mikethompsons1993 is my skype name! im on now

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Magic: the Gathering

Break ‘n’ Enter & Theft at the Crazy Squirrel Game Store in Fresno, CA.  Windows smashed on Monday (26th) and MTG cards stolen.  Windows smashed AGAIN last night (Wednesday 28th) but the thieves were scarred off by the alarm.  If you know these arse-clowns may be, contact Jennifer at the store.

I’ll post any updates to the story on my website or here on Tumblr.


Reblogging for signal boost. Seriously, I really dislike humans sometimes.

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Mono-Grey-Limited: A beginners guide to Magic: the Gathering, Strategy


When I say this will be a beginners guide I am still going to assume you have a basic familiarity with the rules, this is going to be more about basic strategy. There are a lot of things new players will do wrong, and if you dont play the game compedativly then these things probably wont get…

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really in the mood to talk about magic.

inbox me your skype and we can play, OR just talk about magic.

deck idea’s, ravnica thoughts, favorite cards, anything!